Confidentiality Statement

I understand and respect your need for confidentiality. All designs, drawings, communications and information are kept in strict confidence.

Concept Development

Discuss invention

  • Document functionality, physical appearance and mechanical characteristics
  • Create digital rendering

Design Your Idea

  • Design electronic circuits - Power supply, input, output, control, human interface, display, RF, microprocessor, memory, video
  • Electronic prototype development
  • Design mechanics - Enclosure, electro mechanical
  • Author software - Visual Basic, VB.Net, Visual Studio, CE Platform Builder
  • Author embedded firmware - Microchip Assembly, Atmel Assembly

Manufacture A Working Prototype

  • Build electronic prototype circuits
  • Printed circuit board development
  • Mechanical construction
  • Assembly
  • Graphics
  • Testing & debugging

Create Documentation         

  • Electronic schematic
  • PCB Gerber development
  • Parts list
  • Write operation manual

Reverse Engineering

  • Create a technologically updated electronic prototype from your obsolete working sample