Chris Cerrito is a business owner, investor, electronic control developer, software programmer and inventor with an extensive background in industrial electronic automation controls, software architecture, embedded systems and secure wireless data transmissions.

Experience in these areas has become an invaluable attribute for Chris and gives him a confident advantage when engaging in new business ventures and product creation/design. Having a successful history with clients, customers and employees is what makes Chris an industry leader and a solid lead for growing your business, investment or development ideas.

How would I know his Integrity? When it comes to Integrity, you can be sure that all areas of your business model and needs are considered and taken into great care with the utmost confidentiality. Integrity is the sole heartbeat of a business plan, venture or partnership and we believe nothing can be built on it without a solid foundation of trust. Chris has maintained business partners and customers for over 2 decades allowing Chris to continue to be successful in the many projects he oversees, consults and engages in.

If excellence is something you seek, you have arrived! Chris has always maintained a strong level of excellence in the businesses he owns and the people who work with and for him. While excellence is a character reference we all strive for, we believe there are levels to excellence and in every stage of growth and development, we gain and become more knowledgeable by the times we fail and press on ahead. Perhaps excellence and perseverance can be classified as one because in achieving excellence, you must be able to finish the race that this defining term demands. Chris's attitude has always been “I would never ask anyone to do anything I would not do myself”- Chris Cerrito